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Mršević Z., (2014),
Fear and how to cope with it (El miedo y cómo lidiar con él), 917- 929.

in: The many voices of oral history (Las múltiples voces de la historia oral.) Ed., Santacana Carles, Vilanova Mercedes. Unversity of Barcelona. Barcelona.
ISBN: 978-84-393-9167-8

Mršević Z., (2014),
Young Lesbians and Transgender Girls in Serbia, 259-284

Ed., M.Adamović, B. Galić, A. Gvozdanović, A. Maskalan, D. Potočnik, L. Somun Krupalija, in Young women in post-Yugoslav societies: research, practice and policy
Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, Human Rights Centre, University of Sarajevo

ISBN 978-953-6218-56-1 (Institute for Social Research in Zagreb)
ISBN 978-9958-541-12-4 (Human Rights Centre)

Mršević (2013),
Homophobia in Serbia and LGBT Rights

Southeastern Europe, Volume 37, Issue 1: 60–87

ISSN : 0094-4467
E-ISSN : 1876-3332

Keywords: homophobia in Serbia; LGBT activists; violence; discrimination; right to public assembly; Pride Parade

Mršević Z., (2013),
Food and Electricity: The War and Women’s Memories and Stories, 145-159.

Ed., Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru, Madalina Nicolaescu, Helen Smith
Between History and Personal Narrative -East European Women's Stories of Migration in the New Millennium

ISBN 978-3-643-90448-5

Keywords:NATO intrvencion, bombing of FR Yugoslavia, women’s memories, refugees, migrant women, everyday life and struggle for existence, the story of three Marinas LIT Verlag, Berlin

Mršević Z., (2012),
Street Graffiti – Between Amnesty of Our Children and Moral Panicking

Bezbednost, vol. 54, 2:7-22.

UDK 343+351.74/75(05)
YU ISSN 0409-2953
UDK – 003.6.079 : 177.82 : 364.632 – 053.6

Keywords:street hate graffiti, youth subculture, alternative narration, vandalism of public property, discrimination, violence, threats, positive validation of hate.

Violence Against Women, vol. 3, 2 : 101-128.
DOI: 10.1177/1077801297003002002
Violence Against Women in Belgrade, Serbia: SOS Hotline 1990-1993
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